Monday, October 27, 2008

Penguin progress Part 8

Riddle: Where do penguins go to dance?

You may recall that I drafted the pattern pieces for the penguin costumes 1 size smaller than the smallest size the pattern allowed. However, because this was a child's size costume and not a toddler's size costume, it was still too tall. So I had to cut off some from the bottom - 5 inches. Sadly I didn't realize this until after I'd gotten the front and back pieced together. Since the tail was in the center back seam and 5" from the bottom, I also had to figure out what to do with it. My original plan was to open the side seam up 5" past the tail so that I could move it up 5" before cutting off the bottom. After some inspection, though, I decided that in fact I could open the seam up a couple of inches past the tail and cut a bit off the bottom.

(this picture may be a little difficult to see, but it's the open back seam with the tail piece in the middle ready to be cut)

After cutting the costume smaller I decided that the tail was too big anyways, and if I'd tried to move it up then the tail would have started way up high on their backs. So cutting off part of the tail it was. Then I folded over the bottom of the tail stitched it closed (leaving an opening for stuffing), and then closed the back center seam.

Then I marked my new cutting line 5" from the old cutting line.

I cut off the extra piece and then continued on as normal. Happily, my alteration made them almost exactly the right height!

Get ready: my next penguin progress post will be the finished penguin suit!

Answer: At the snow ball.

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