Sunday, October 19, 2008

Penguin progress Part 4

Riddle: How do a group of penguins make a decision?

Ah ha! Thanks to Gwen of After the Dress I have put the wings together - they just needed to be forced to be pinned together. Rather than lying flat against each other, they are pinned together such that it buckles out. It all makes sense now, I mean there has to be a place to put an arm, but it just didn't occur to me until she showed me what to do. So thanks Gwen! Here's the wings made to fit and pinned together.

Then I attached them to the body and viola! They're starting to look like actual penguin costumes now!

Then I just had to share this next picture.

Here's my kitty, Hugh, licking his chops as if to say "I almost ate it all, but I saved a wing just for you!"

Answer: Flipper coin


Gwen said...

Wow! That IS looking like a real penguin costume! :)
It must be fun to see them really coming together!
I can't believe how BIG little Hugh is getting! And aren't kittens SUCH a BIG help when you are sewing... ;)

Wendi said...

Your nieces are going to look so cute! Grace doesn't help you sew?!?! ;)