Friday, October 10, 2008

Penguin progress Part 1

**each post in this series will begin with a riddle and end with it's answer. Just to keep it fun. :)**

Riddle: Why don´t you see Penguins in Britain?

It's time for my penguin costume series to begin. As a reminder, I'm making penguin costumes for my twin 2 year old nieces for halloween.

The smallest size of the pattern was still too big for them , so I redrafted it one more size smaller in an attempt to make it the right size. Then, of course, I cut out the pieces. I was going to just do one costume at a time but I hate cutting so much I cut out all the pieces at once just to get it over with. I was then going to put the costumes together one at a time, but once I realized I was going to need to change the thread color multiple times (white and black) I decided to do them in parallel. It's working out quite nicely.

I put the front and the back of the costumes together and attached the tail. Each tail has a hole left in it so that it can be stuffed later. This'll make the tail stand out and wag when they walk, making it extra cute!

I fear, despite my efforts to make the pattern a size smaller, that they are still going to be too big for the girls - even if they wear clothes underneath them. I've contemplated taking in more at the seam but I'm more afraid of making it too small than I am of leaving it too big. At least if it's too big then they could potentially wear it next year, or my sister could do a little pinning and they could still wear them this year. I wish they lived closer so that we could have a "fitting". :)

Answer: Because they're afraid of Wales.

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Gwen said...

Wow! That looks very cute! I didn't realize you were doing both costumes at the same time - that sounds like the right choice given the thread situation. And I love the riddle idea! ;)