Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Past project Wednesday becomes Back to the Future Wednesday

Well I've now gotten my blog up to date on all my past projects, so past project Wednesday is now converted to Back to the Future Wednesday where I will report on the projects I have lined up and/or need to get to.

Next on my list is an outfit I'm making for my mother, she picked out Simplicity 4193 for me to make her the skirt and the jacket as a Christmas present.

She's coming to visit the second week of November, so while she's here we will go shopping for the fashion fabric and hopefully I will have a muslin version ready for a fitting. I think she's a brave woman agreeing to this considering these will be my first adult pieces of clothing to sew. :-O

Though she may not have actually realized this yet.


Gwen said...

Maybe she just has faith in her daughter! Or maybe she's just an exceptionally good judge of character. Or, maybe, she's sly like a fox and WANTS the very first grown-up outfit you make, knowing that it will undoubtedly be worth a fortune someday, after you become a famous designer... ;)

SunnyQ said...

Christine I think *YOU* are the brave woman - what an endeavour! I know you'll do great and I look forward to seeing the results! Hope to see you soon... -Sus