Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fabric Scraps

"People always say congratulations. When you’re a successful bidder it means you’re willing to spend more money than anyone else. I’m not sure if that’s congratulations or condolences."
~Eli Broad

For the ornament I think I've settled on for my blogger's ornament exchange I need fabric scraps (as the deadline for this project is quickly approaching). So I decided to take a chance on a fabric scrap auction on ebay. For $5, with free shipping, I'm supposed to be getting "alot of fabric" in my scrap pack. I don't really buy much from ebay and I've certainly never bought anything without seeing it. But I did look at her other auctions which included fabric and fabric crafts and it looked like pretty nice stuff, so we'll just have to wait and see how it goes. I figured for $5 it could be an interesting gamble at the very least...

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Anonymous said...

How interesting!! Did you actually decide on a design for your ornaments? I hope you will post pictures of your fabric scraps and your impression fo the experience when you receive your order. I wonder how much material $5 will bring you? Is it all Christmas-themed material, do you know?