Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Serious lack of sewing

"Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall."
~Larry Wilde, The Merry Book of Christmas

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So sorry for not having much sewing content in my posts lately. I've just been so busy crafting Christmas presents and getting ready for Christmas, my sewing has suffered a bit. I hope to make some progress on my mom's outfit and the guys' ties soon, though so there should be a sewing post or two soon.

In the meantime, though, I thought I'd post about my Christmas tree since that's what this past weekend was largely about.

The tree started on the porch while we made room for it in the house. The palm trees behind the Christmas tree just look SOOO weird to me.

But, anyways, the kittens adore the tree.



and even Figaro came out to see what the fuss was about!

When we decorated it, we had a plan. We KNEW the kittens were going to attack the ornaments. It was just inevitable. Fig pretty much leaves everything alone, but the kittens just can't help themselves. "Should we decorate the whole tree?" we thought. YES! We'll decorate the whole tree and let the kittens determine the line for which we should not hang ornaments below. Sure enough a line emerged:

As you can see, there's a clear demarcation of where the kittens can reach. We just rehung the fallen above this line. This technique actually works quite well, just as long as you're sure to hang non-breakable ornaments near the bottom. Though today when I got home the line was much higher than before. :D


Anonymous said...

Your Christmas tree is BEAUTIFUL!! And so are your adorable little kitties!! Tomorrow I'm posting some links to a couple of sites that deal with the kitty vs. Christmas tree issue. I regret to say that there has been precious little sewing discussed on my "sewing blog" too. Sigh. I'll do better in the new year. Promise. What's most important is that you are getting all your wonderful Christmas sewing done, and that you are trying to enjoy the season. I hope you aren't being pulled in too many directions!

Sarah said...

i love youre kitty proof tree so much! we have 3 cats and last year I just had to have a tree so we got and did almost the same thing. I never thought of moving the ornaments higher though... i just kept putting them back on. When we moved a year later it was funny to find ornaments behind furniture from them playing with them and loosing them.

Kristen said...

Love your tree. Sam decided to eat two of my ornaments this year. I guess they can't help themselves.

Gwen said...

I agree with Miss Linda and Sarah - your tree is beautiful and your kitties are adorable! :)

You need one of those ornaments that says "Kitty's first Christmas" ! ;)

Kevin said...

Wow. That's one purty lil tree! I've found that line emerging on my own tree, as Penny and Wrigley weed out the "bad" ornaments.

Anonymous said...

I have this same kitty problem and your solution is a great one :) Your tree looks beautiful!